Fitness Club at Easton


Here's what members are saying!

The Fitness Club is such an awesome place to work out!   I've signed up a few years ago and still love being a member there! I make working out a daily routine of mine and still always get excited to go!  The staff is phenomenal! Always welcoming and eager to help with whatever you may need.  Other members of the gym are also very friendly and easy to work in sets with! I utilize the tanning booths at Fitness Club which never disappointed me, as well as the delicious Smoothie bar where I enjoy my favorite smoothie after a good workout!

Briana O., Member for 5 years

I have been coming to the Fitness Club in Easton for the last ten years and could not have found a better gym! It is so affordable that I am never concerned that I am overspending even in months, that I am not able to make it in that much. The owners and staff are amazing people who always make the customers feel very comfortable and welcoming. There is just enough different cardio and weight options, to keep work outs interesting and diverse in a comfortable atmosphere. They are open early and late to fit my changing schedule.  Also, tanning costs next to nothing and you can kill two birds with one stone. I have never given another gym a second thought! 

Cathy M., Member for 10 years

As a member of the Fitness Club for 2 years now, I can honestly say it’s the best gym I’ve ever been a member of. The staff is always incredibly nice and take the time to actually know your name. The equipment is up to date and in great shape and I never have to wait for machines.
I’ve been a member of many many gyms but this one is top notch, from the great atmosphere for all members young and older. This is place where you are welcome, no matter age, shape or size !! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GYM!
Brandon E., Member for 2 years

Going to the gym has become a part of my daily routine & I’m glad to call The Fitness Club my home gym. There is a good mixture of free weights, machines, and cardio equipment to please any workout routine. The deadlift area addition was a great motivator to try something new and now I regularly push myself to do deadlifts and improve my form/max on a consistent basis. The best aspects about the Fitness Club by far are the people and staff. I have developed some great friendships with fellow gym goers and look forward to seeing them every day. Gym members are friendly and will let you work in with them when the gym is crowded or provide a spot when you need one. The staff knows each member by name and are always available to help with any questions or to just have a friendly chat. It is nice to be able to work out at a gym where one not only feels comfortable but also welcomed. The Fitness Club has provided the right atmosphere that I need to achieve my fitness goals and I look forward to being a member for many more years!

Renee M., Member for 9 years

I have been a member of The Fitness Club for over 10 years and it is perfect for me. It’s very convenient, clean and has everything I need. The staff and the owners have always made me feel very welcomed. No matter what age bracket you fall in you will fit right in. Everyone is polite and courteous during your workouts and I have always had a great experience. There are other gyms closer to me, but I prefer to stay here where I feel comfortable. I would recommend this gym to anyone who is new to fitness or an experienced athlete.

Kelsey N., Member for 10 years