Fitness Club at Easton


Here's what members are saying!

"I have been a member of The Fitness Club for the past 16 years. When I first joined, I was overweight, ate poorly, and felt tired all the time.   The friendly and knowledge staff have encouraged and helped me reach a level of fitness I never thought was possible.   Working out has now become a daily habit for me.  I have not only gained a greater respect for what it takes to be fit and healthy, but I have also met many wonderful people along the way.

The Fitness Club is a family owned business. The owners are approachable and always available to answer any questions.  Pride of ownership can be seen throughout the club with up to date high quality machines and equipment, a level of cleanliness second to none.  Hours of operation are flexible and can meet everyone’s needs. I have never had to wait to use any cardio equipment, even during peak hours.  Personal trainers are readily available and can help to motivate you no matter what fitness level you are currently at.

I truly believe The Fitness Club has changed my life.  If you are ready to lose weight, get in shape, and feel great, stop by and see for yourself all the Fitness Club has to offer!  You will not be disappointed!"
Mary B., Member for 16 years


"I’ve been a member of The Fitness Club for 20 years. When people ask me how I like my gym, I tell them it’s like coming home to family and friends.  The staff is professional and courteous, saying hello and goodbye with your name.  The gym is clean, the trainers are expert, and the members, young, old, and in between, are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. This club is definitely a unique experience and a place where you feel you belong."
M. Mika, Member for 20 years


"Friendly place. Good clientele. Clean. Reasonable. I’ve been a member at The Fitness Club for 12+ years and still attending faithfully."
Z. Wambold, Member for 12 years



I’ve been a member almost all of that time. The Club has been a second home to me.  In the past, it was where I headed every day after work.  Now retired, it’s what gets me going in the morning.

The Club is more than a place to sweat and lift. It’s my “CHEERS” where everybody knows your name.  It’s a social gathering place to talk day’s events and sports between sets and when doing boring cardio.

I have cultivated many friends here over the years, very many members, employees and owners Jack, Trish and their girls.

Thanks for the last twenty years……Let’s do twenty more….."
Bobby D., Member for 20 years